Institute of Nursing Education (INE)

The INE, SME, Puthuppally , Kottayam was started in the year 1993 to visualise and implement the policy of govt. of India and University Grants Commission for conducting self-financing professional courses in various medical and health services.

This institution offers BSc Nursing course of 4 year duration with an annual intake of 50 students. The admission is purely based on merit. The institute of nursing education is located at Thalapady.


Our mission is to ensure that all students are educated self-directed and become productive member of our glorious society.


Education is a futuristic vision and continuous process which helps in achieving the ultimate goal of life continuous efforts are being attempted for refining and betterment of education. The results are also encouraging and undoubtedly our joint efforts have placed the education to the highest standard of enlightens and glory.

Philosophy of the institution

We the faculty of Institute of Nursing Education, School of Medical Education believe that the graduates in Nursing should be equipped with knowledge, skill and attitude to renter comprehensive nursing care to their clients with various disorders in hospital, home, and community. We promote development of the students and prepare them for adjusting to the change in need of the society. We mould the students to exhibit positive attitude an character upholding the dignity of individual and profession.

We believe that the graduates in nursing should possess sound judgement and are intellectually and morally enlighten and professionally equipped so that they are capable of caring for the sick and functioning efficiently in health programs and there by contributing to the health and welfare of the society and nation


• Asses’ health status, identify health needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for patients that contribute to health of the individual, families and community.
• Demonstrate ,competency, in rendering , quality health care and technics of nursing care
• Participate as member of health team in the preventive,promotive,curative and restorative health care delivery system of the country
• Demonstrate leadership quality and decision making ability in various situations
• Develop basic skills in nursing research
• Utilize resource for continued learning for their personal and professional development
• Demonstrate beginning skills in teaching management inter personal relation and communication
• Contribute efficiently as responsible citizens and practise ethical values in their personal and professional life